Dress Code: Moderation in dress: for example, reserve short shorts, tank tops and the like for other settings. Avoid clothing with slogans or images that could be considered offensive or disrespectful to some.

Tobacco use, including e-cigarettes: Use of these products will only be permitted in a designated area, to be determined by the committee and the camp staff.

Drugs, Alcohol, Firearms, and Weapons: Consistent with Bahá’í law, use of drugs and alcohol will not be allowed on Bahá’í school campuses. Firearms or weapons of any kind may not be brought to a Bahá’í school. The committee is authorized to ask those who refuse to abide by these rules to leave.

Session Attendance: To minimize distractions and outside influences, those attending Bahá’í school sessions are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of the session. This is not only a matter of courtesy to other guests and presenters who work hard to create quality programming, but also is conducive to a richer community life for all. Minors under the age of 18 should never be left on campus without their parent, legal guardian or sponsor. If parents need to leave campus for any reason, they should take their children with them.

The Guardian offers a clear standard to which we aspire, and the friends attending sessions should be encouraged to assist in achieving that standard:

“The Bahá’ís must realize that they belong to a worldwide Order, and not an American civilization. They must try and introduce the Bahá’í atmosphere of life and thought into their Summer Schools, rather than making the Summer School an episode and a pleasant vacation period, during which they learn a little more about the Faith.”
~ Centers of Bahá’í Learning, no. 28, p. 12